AP REAL ESTATE (APRE) is formed on the year 1996 with the main philosophy in providing professional real estate agency service. The property market today are more active, more complex and more competitive than ever before, therefore, the need for real information and decision support is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity. The Power of Unity, Strength and Networking will developed the Informed Advantage of AREA. The Joint Networking of the AREA Agents will developed the unique informed advantage of Smart Partnership Concept which will definitely Help the client make Better Decision in Real Estate.
To promote the real estate networking and help clients make better decision in real estate through the power of networking and the well informed advantages.
To produce professional quality agents with quality result and upgrading of property knowledge.
Provide the foundation and platform for raising standards of the Agents of the AREA through the provision of practical and applied training programs.
Real Estate Information Services
Project Marketing Service through SmartPlan Marketing Concept.


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